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Feature Films

The 100 Ladies of Deering are pleased to showcase two short films highlighting the beauty and history of The Deering Estate and “Flight Into Egypt’, two restored stained glass panels recently back on display. Enjoy!

On This Land – now also available in Spanish

On This Land – The Charles Deering Estate from Deering Estate Foundation on Vimeo.

Flight Into Egypt

Flight Into Egypt FULL-LENGTH from Deering Estate Foundation on Vimeo.

Our Mission

The 100 Ladies of Deering is a philanthropic circle of women dedicated to preserving the Deering Estate and Charles Deering’s legacy of community, conservation and culture.  Joined in friendship and shared commitment, the ladies work to bring about meaningful change through charitable initiatives and investments that advance awareness, engagement and protection of the estate’s cultural and natural resources.

The 100 Ladies of Deering have been widely successful in the procurement and restoration of many important pieces and artifacts displayed at the estate including their latest project, the Flight Into Egypt.  The ladies also recently spearheaded the creation of the historical documentary film, On This Land, chronicling the history of the Deering Estate and Charles Deering.

The 100 Ladies of Deering work in partnership with the Deering Estate Foundation to continue their collective efforts to ensure that the Deering Estate remains a cultural and natural treasure for future generations.  Their passion and work continues.

16701 SW 72 Avenue, Richmond Cottage, 3rd Floor, Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157 305.235.1668 x253

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