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Investing in South Florida’s past, present & future



The 100 Ladies of Deering was founded in 2012 with the financial support of a select group of women committed to the cause.  Each made an initial investment of $15,000 over a 3-year period  to seed and support the development of the circle earning the limited and perpetual designation of Founder, which has since been retired.  The Deering Estate Foundation is grateful for the generosity and commitment of the following Founding members:

  • Lori Haas
  • Karen Hoffman
  • Susan MacArthur
  • Jocelyn Tennille
  • Suzuyo Fox
  • Barbara Ludovici
  • Heather Bell
  • Marta Weeks
  • Sandy McCarthy
  • Mrs. C.D. McCormick (Honorary)



The 100 Ladies of Deering select and focus on specific projects, goals and initiatives advancing their mission that the membership is passionate about and go about organizing, strategically planning and acting as a group to pursue their goals with the support of the Deering Estate and Deering Estate Foundation’s staffs.

The leadership within the circle is as follows:

Executive Committee 2018-2019

  • President: Maria McDonald
  • Vice President: Nancy Eggland
  • Secretary: Karen Hoffman
  • Assistant Secretary: Donna Golik
  • Treasurer: Pam Mullins
  • Assistant Treasurer: Nancy Michelson


  • Activities & Education: Susan Tilson, Chair
  • Fundraising & Events: Vacant
  • Marketing & Communications: Helen Cornely, Chair
  • Membership & Hospitality: Suzuyo Fox, Chair

16701 SW 72 Avenue Richmond Cottage 3rd Floor Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157 305.235.1668 x253

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